Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

This is often one of the first questions asked from practices looking for a new biller. Pricing for most businesses in competitive markets is based on cost plus margin. In our case, it is a similar math equation where we take the expected total costs from the agreed-upon workflow and spread that cost over the expected payments received or number of encounters billed monthly to come up with a percentage fee or a cost per claim. The key variables are volume, average reimbursement per encounter, and the aforementioned process. 

There can be. We charge separately to perform verifications of benefits. Due to the nature of this process, it can involve significant time to complete via phone if the automated systems do not provide enough information necessary. 
Some practices can choose to be out of network. The challenge with being out of network is finding enough patients willing to pay your cash rates or with good out of network benefits. We insist on enrolling our providers to ensure it is done correctly and timely. You have to be approved and contracted before seeing patients in order to get paid. And it is critical to revalidate timely. MCB will help you keep your information up to date with CAQH, NPI Registry and PECOS (CMS).

The basic claims process includes claim review and submission, review and repair of any rejected claims, payment posting, denial review and repair, open claims review and cleanup, and patient statements.

We are agnostic to the EHR/EMR system you use. Depending on the system, we will either use the associated billing system or build an interface to our preferred Practice Management system. Our recommendation is to use the EHR system that is best suited to your practice, patients, and work style. Pick one that is easy for your staff to manage patients and easy for you to record your notes. We can provide suggestions and work with you to develop an efficient process.

We comply with HIPAA regulations very well in everything we do. We know that handling the patients’ personal information is a big responsibility. So, we assure you of all necessary technical, administrative, and physical measures to provide privacy, security, and confidentiality to protect the e-PHI. 

● Medical Billing
● Payment Processing
● Reporting
● EHR Integration
● Compliance
● Denial Management
● Consulting
● Credentialing
Yes, we have separate teams handling denials, rejections, and claim processing.
Every unit is responsible and works according to the given plan and rules. We always try to minimize the chances of mistakes by taking substantial steps to identify and remove those errors through analysis and routine audits. 
We are working on the detailed RCM software as per the physicians’ needs, making it easy for them to automate the billing process.  
The crucial thing to get it all done is to fill out the application form quite vigilantly. If there is wrong information added or a field is left unanswered, the process will take a long time to complete. The rest can go smoothly pretty much. 

We make reports monthly, quarterly, or annually according to a healthcare provider’s requirements. At the end of a month, we also generate collection, payer adjustment, denial, aging, and other reports including detailed information about the progress of ongoing claims and accounts receivable of rendered services.  

Yes, we do pre-authorization when required.
• First, we go to the patient’s verification checklist list.
• Get a copy of a patient’s insurance card.
• Contact the insurance provider.
• Make a record of the accurate information.
• Follow up with the patient as needed. 
Our accounts receivable follow-up team is in charge of taking care of denied claims and processes them again to obtain reimbursements from insurance companies.

We follow up on A/R in a systematic manner, usually in three stages:
• Initial Evaluation
• Evaluation and Prioritization
• Collection 
We focus on our quality of work with a proactive approach that minimizes accounts receivable.

We have an experienced staff. With us, you will have a highly flexible and affordable billing experience with timely MIPS reporting under one roof.

We are an all-in-one solution where we optimize providers’ performance in every way possible, even with some value-added services, such as credentialing services, RPA medical billing, HEDIS reporting, and more. 

2022 Patient Reports

2022 Patient Reports

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