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Great Billing Improves the Patient Experience

Your practice works hard to make sure that every interaction with patients conveys the quality, care and attention that you strive to provide each patient during their appointments.

With the increased complexity of medical billing, insurance regulations, patient payment preferences, messaging and more, some practices with in-house billing end up frustrating patients with this essential part of their experience with your practice. Whether it be something as simple as a delay in reimbursement from an insurance company to a complex denial that requires investigation and extensive communication – these issues can make or break your patient’s experience with your practice.

In many practices that maintain in-house billing services, the individual(s) who handle the billing functions can quickly become overwhelmed with the involved daily activities of obtaining verifications, checking eligibility, posting claims and payments. The crucial insurance cases that help patients (and your practice) receive the proper reimbursement and boost patient satisfaction – such as swift claim entry, coding knowledge, industry trends and denial management can easily drift to the bottom of the pile.

Outsourcing your medical billing can have impacts far beyond your ease of operations, increase in revenue and reduction in overhead. Sometimes the most obvious improvement comes from the positive, unremarkable experiences your patients have – being billed correctly, having someone fight for reimbursement and obtain the maximum reimbursement possible.